Elaan Bear is my oldest friend.
The History
Elaan and I have been friends since we first met in grade 5.
Mrs. Clifford, getting kicked under the table during the G.T. program, Katmandu, and overcoming being separated in class through a private sign language were big parts of elementary school. Elaan was also the person who introduced me to chocolate binges. Uggghh...a whole box of Purdy's. Since then, we've both grown a lot and ended up following similar career paths: we're both teachers. Read on to find out more about the bear.



The Bear

Kooky, funny, always a come-back on her lips...

Loves her animals.
Very social. Elaan Bear loves to organize events to be with her friends.



Vital Stastics

NW Secondary School
Certificate of Liberal Arts
College of Teachers Professional Certificate

Post-Secondary Work: Teaching, Victim Assistance with the NWPD

Immediate family: Parents, brother and 2 cats

What really makes her happy: Good times with good friends

Pet peeves: Bad drivers. Rude people.

Fave pasttimes: Planning events, taking courses, reading, listening to music, socializing, trying new things (i.e. acting, pottery, etc.), watching and participating in some sports

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