(insert photograph) David Bear is one of my oldest and closest friends.
The History
Shortly after high school graduation, we met at Shad Valley UBC. There, we took the 5:00 am - breakfast shift at the "Splash!" company, a.k.a. the Late House, snuck out after lights-out to play chess, and participated in numerous Star Trek spoofs. Most memorably of all, we abstained from sleep for four weeks. How many brain cells did we leave behind that summer...?
Later that year, we formed the "Blueberry Gang," so named for the extra-large basket of blueberries brought to a certain weekend in the States. Blueberry pancakes, blueberry tea, blueberry ice cream, blueberry salad...
After a year at UVic for me and UBC for David, we took jobs selling books for a company named SouthWestern.

I still maintain that it's a cult "company."

But David did well.

In second year, I transferred to UBC to complete a Mathematics degree. David and I joined the UBC Dance Club. link to dance pictures
David, Sarah, and I backpacked through Europe. David Bear's talent at charades came in very handy in Italy, where none of us knew any of the languages. His uninhibitedness, friendliness, and charm won us many friends along the way.
We've been through the transition to adulthood, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, new career paths, good times and bad. To date, we have been friends for eight years.
The Bear

Kooky, enthusiastic, happy. Here, David shows us his mouthful of cavities. :-)

Loooves food. When David, Sarah, and I travelled in Europe, David took pictures of all his favourite food places. The strawberry tarts and panini are the best in Paris! And no one can forget Italian gelatti from this little store across from the Piaza de Santa Maria Nouvella in Florence.

Mmm... tiramisu....

A great ballroom dancer. Very graceful, very gentlemanly. Smile for the camera!
Studious. Must...get...A's... (hee hee).
Here we see the soft, cuddly side of David with his stuffed puppy.  
The craziest thing David's done: run up and down the block stark naked, yelling and screaming. Oh yeah people saw him.

Very philosophic. We get into great discussions.

Vital Statistics

Matthew McNair Secondary School, Richmond, B.C.
B.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology, U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C.
Currently in 2nd year of L.L.B., U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C.

Post-Secondary Work: "Every possible postion imaginable in a research lab."


Family: Mom, Grandma, two younger brothers (Mikey and Danny), girlfrend of five years (Stacy).

What makes him happy: Playing Final Fantasy

Pet peeves: Police cars that flash their lights to run through a red light when you know that they're not really attending an emergency.

Fave pasttimes: Playing Final Fantansy for hours and hours on end.

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