Cathy Bear
The History
I first met Cathy Bear at U.B.C. Dance Club when we served on the executive comittee together. We actually got to know each other much better after we graduated. Looking for people to get together with to dance, we organized many nights out. Soon, we were socializing not only at dances, but also at movies, dinners, and parties.
Vital Statistics

St. Patrick's Regional Secondary
B.A. French and Psychology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Accomplishments: Travelled through Europe solo for two months after university.

Immediate family: Parents, one older sister, two younger brothers, one nephew, one charming b.f.

said b.f.

What really makes her happy: Kisses from Ray, ice cream on a hot day

Pet peeves: People who answer their cell phones midway through a conversation with aperson they're actually with but don't bother to ask if it's okay that they take the call.

Fave pasttimes: ballroom dancing, live theatre performances, foreign films, non-required reading, shopping, listening to music

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