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January 20, 2007

RockWii! RockWii!

I am SERIOUSLY Considering this diet.... errr. training Regimen. Many of you websavvy may have seen this before, but when I first read it I thought. Hmm.. what a great way to combine goals and gaming! This fella didn't do the Subway thing, didn't do the dangerous atkins thing, but instead picked up the latest Nintendo Console. It sure as fuck doesn't include standing in a freezer and pummeling the vivisected side of a cow. I am very much considering this.

Nintendo Fanboy you go boyeeeee!

Jump to his Blog.

ROCKY BALBOA! A man with style! A man who knows how to pick up women LMAO! Ah, I LOVE that film! Classic!
Rocky: It's hot in here. [Removes clothes]
Mucis: It's getting hot in here! So take your clothes off!

I know. Sad. But that film had absolutely CLASSIC moments. How can anyone be so clumsy, awkward, crass...and effective? 'Cause that's what it boils down to, isn't it? The means may not justify the end, but if the end is achieved, amnesia can fall into place quite nicely thank you very much! GO ROCKY! BALBOA!
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