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January 25, 2007

Long Duck Dong

Yup... in the spirit of "Kindergarten Cop" and "16 Candles" for some reason Arwen has learnt the word Penis. I was wearing something rather commandoish, so here's how the conversation went.

She looked crotchward at daddy and said... "Penis".

"Does Mommy have a penis"? I enquired...
A thoughtful pause... then "No". Quite emphatically I might add.

I asked "Does Arwen have a Penis"?
She rips open her diaper, peers inside, then after a moment's hesitation exclaims, "No".

"Does Daddy have a penis"? I asked.
Arwen at that point lifts open my garment and says... "There it is"!

Man kids sure are gonadically cognizant nowadays.

Your testes are your gonads, not your penis. But if you cast your mind back, you may remember a little boy who thought "ball" referred to a penis.
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